Best Air Ride for Harley Touring: Enhance Your Ride with Ultimate Comfort and Control

Enhance your Harley touring experience with the best air ride system that offers superior comfort and control on the road. Achieving the perfect balance between a smooth ride and customized adjustability is key for any avid rider. In our comprehensive reviews and buying guide, we delve into the top options available to help you select the ideal air ride for your Harley touring needs. Discover how these innovative systems can transform your riding experience with optimal suspension performance and unparalleled comfort.

Best Air Ride For Harley Touring – Compared

01. Arnott Smooth Ride Air Suspension Kit

Arnott MC-2994 - Air Suspension Tall Smooth Air Ride Rear Shocks Harley
Ideal for upgrading your vehicle’s performance, the Arnott Smooth Ride Air Suspension Kit offers a seamless driving experience by providing a comfortable and smooth ride. Its innovative design ensures superior handling and increased stability, making it a reliable choice for any car enthusiast looking to enhance their driving experience.

Easy to install and meticulously engineered, this air suspension kit delivers excellent results, with many users reporting reduced vibration and improved overall ride quality. Whether you’re tackling rough terrains or cruising on the highway, the Arnott Smooth Ride Air Suspension Kit is a worthwhile investment for those seeking a comfortable and controlled driving experience.


  • Improved ride comfort
  • Adjustable ride height
  • Enhanced handling and stability
  • Reduced body roll and sway
  • Easy installation process
  • Increased durability and longevity


  • High upfront cost
  • Potential for air leakage issues

02. Legend Air Suspension Revo-A

Legend Suspension 1310-1886 Revo-Arc rmte Reservoir Standard Coil Suspension - 13in. L
Known for its cutting-edge technology and superior quality, Legend Air Suspension Revo-A is a game-changer in the world of motorcycle suspension systems. The innovative design allows riders to customize their ride, providing optimal comfort and performance on various road conditions. With easy-to-use controls and quick adjustments, this suspension system offers a smooth and stable ride.

The durability and reliability of the Legend Air Suspension Revo-A make it a top choice for riders seeking ultimate control over their motorcycle’s handling. Whether cruising on the highway or navigating through challenging terrains, this suspension system delivers unparalleled performance, enhancing the overall riding experience.


  • Improved ride comfort
  • Enhanced handling and stability
  • Adjustable ride height
  • Increased load capacity
  • Easy installation and minimal maintenance


  • High initial cost compared to traditional suspension systems.
  • Installation may require professional expertise and tools.

03. Progressive Suspension 490 Series

Progressive Suspension 490-1018 490 Standard Sport Series Shocks - 14in. - Black
Featuring a sleek design and advanced technology, the Progressive Suspension 490 Series is a top-of-the-line upgrade for any motorcycle. The high-quality construction and precision engineering provide superior performance and comfort on the road. Riders will appreciate the smooth ride and improved handling that this suspension system offers, making it a worthwhile investment for those seeking to enhance their riding experience.

With easy installation and adjustable settings, the 490 Series allows riders to customize their suspension to suit their specific preferences and riding style. The durable build and reliable performance make it a popular choice among motorcycle enthusiasts looking to elevate their overall riding experience with improved suspension dynamics.


  • Superior handling and ride comfort
  • Adjustable rebound damping
  • Dual rate spring design
  • Lightweight aluminum body
  • Easy to install


  • High price point
  • Installation may be challenging for beginners
  • Limited compatibility with certain motorcycle models

04. Dirty Air Rear Air Ride Suspension

Sale XMT-MOTO Rear Air Ride Suspension fits for Harley Davidson Touring Electra Street Tour Glide Road King 1994-2023
Transform your ride with the Dirty Air Rear Air Ride Suspension. This innovative system offers a smooth and adjustable suspension experience, allowing you to customize your bike’s ride height and stiffness for optimal comfort and performance. Installation is straightforward and the system integrates seamlessly with your existing setup, making it a convenient upgrade for any motorcycle enthusiast.

Say goodbye to bumps and jolts on the road and say hello to a new level of riding comfort with the Dirty Air Rear Air Ride Suspension. Whether you’re cruising on the highway or navigating city streets, this suspension system delivers a superior riding experience with its advanced features and durable construction. Invest in your ride and enjoy the benefits of a smoother, more controlled journey every time you hit the road.


  • Improved ride comfort
  • Adjustable air pressure for different riding conditions
  • Enhanced handling and stability
  • Reduced strain on bike components
  • Easy installation and setup
  • Customizable style and look


  • Potential for increased maintenance and repair costs.
  • Compatibility issues with certain vehicle models.

05. Platinum Air Suspension Harley Davidson Touring Kit

For Harley Davidson Touring bike owners seeking a smoother ride, the Platinum Air Suspension Kit is a game-changer. The kit’s adjustable air shocks provide superior comfort and control, making long rides a breeze. Installation is straightforward with clear instructions, and the durability of the components ensures long-lasting performance.

Riders will appreciate the kit’s ability to customize ride height and firmness to suit individual preferences and road conditions. With improved handling and reduced vibrations, the Platinum Air Suspension Kit delivers an unparalleled riding experience for Harley Touring enthusiasts.


  • Improved ride quality
  • Adjustable ride height
  • Increased stability and control
  • Enhanced comfort for long rides
  • Easy installation process


  • High initial cost
  • Installation may require professional assistance

Understanding Air Ride Suspension for Harley Touring Motorcycles

Air ride systems for Harley Touring motorcycles provide a customizable suspension option for riders looking to enhance their comfort, performance, and style. These systems utilize compressed air to adjust the height and stiffness of the bike’s suspension, allowing riders to fine-tune their ride quality to suit their preferences and road conditions. By incorporating air ride technology, Harley Touring owners can enjoy a smoother and more controlled riding experience, especially when navigating bumpy roads or carrying additional weight.

One of the key benefits of air ride systems for Harley Touring bikes is the ability to easily adjust the suspension on the fly, with some systems offering automatic or manual adjustments at the touch of a button. This dynamic adjustability not only improves rider comfort but also enhances the bike’s handling and stability, making for a more confident and enjoyable ride. Additionally, air ride systems can help prevent bottoming out during aggressive cornering or sudden braking, minimizing the risk of damage to the bike and ensuring a consistent ride height regardless of load.

Another advantage of air ride systems is the ability to achieve a lowered stance when parked, providing a sleek and customized look for the bike. Whether it’s for practical purposes such as easier mounting and dismounting or for aesthetic reasons, the ability to lower the bike with air ride adds a touch of personalization to the Harley Touring experience. Overall, air ride systems for Harley Touring motorcycles offer a versatile and performance-enhancing upgrade for riders seeking a smoother, more controlled, and personalized riding experience on their Touring model.

Top Reasons to Invest in Air Ride for Your Harley Touring Bike

People choose to buy air ride for Harley Touring bikes for a multitude of reasons. Firstly, air ride systems provide a smoother and more comfortable ride, especially over long distances. This feature is essential for those who enjoy touring on their Harley motorcycles, as it reduces fatigue and allows for a more enjoyable experience on the road.

Another key benefit of investing in the best air ride for Harley Touring is the ability to customize the bike’s suspension to fit individual preferences and riding styles. With adjustable air pressure, riders can easily modify the bike’s height and firmness, providing a personalized riding experience tailored to their liking.

Furthermore, air ride systems offer improved handling and stability, particularly when navigating different road conditions or carrying varying loads. The ability to adjust the suspension on the fly allows riders to adapt to changing circumstances, enhancing safety and control while riding.

Overall, investing in the best air ride for Harley Touring is a wise decision for riders looking to maximize comfort, customization, and performance on their bikes. Whether cruising on highways or exploring challenging terrains, an air ride system can significantly enhance the overall riding experience for Harley Touring enthusiasts.

Choosing the Perfect Air Ride System for Your Harley Touring Bike

Selecting the ideal air ride system for your Harley Touring bike is crucial for a smooth and comfortable ride. Various factors must be taken into consideration to ensure that you choose the perfect system that meets your needs and preferences. Let’s explore the key factors to consider when making this important decision.

Quality Of Materials And Construction

Choosing air ride for Harley touring requires careful consideration of the quality of materials and construction to ensure durability and performance. High-quality materials and solid construction help ensure that the air ride system can withstand the rigors of long rides and varying road conditions without compromising safety or comfort. Inferior materials and construction can lead to premature wear and tear, leaks, and potential failures, resulting in costly repairs or replacements. By prioritizing quality materials and construction when selecting an air ride system for their Harley touring bike, riders can enjoy a smoother and more reliable riding experience for years to come.

Compatibility With Harley Touring Models

Choosing an air ride suspension system that is compatible with Harley Touring models is crucial for ensuring a seamless installation process and optimal performance. Each Harley model has unique specifications and requirements, so selecting a system designed specifically for Touring bikes will help avoid fitting issues and potential modifications. Compatibility ensures that the air ride system integrates seamlessly with the Touring model’s frame and suspension components, providing the desired ride quality and adjustability. By considering this factor, riders can enjoy the benefits of an air ride system tailored to their Harley Touring bike, enhancing comfort, control, and overall riding experience.

Adjustable Features For Personalized Comfort

Considering adjustable features for personalized comfort when choosing air ride for Harley touring is crucial for a tailored riding experience. The ability to adjust the air pressure levels allows riders to find their ideal comfort level, whether they prefer a softer or firmer ride. This feature caters to individual preferences and body types, ensuring a more enjoyable and customized journey on the road. Additionally, being able to fine-tune the suspension according to specific riding conditions or terrain enhances overall control and handling, ultimately maximizing both comfort and performance for a more satisfying and comfortable ride.

Reputation Of The Manufacturer

Choosing air ride for Harley touring necessitates consideration of the reputation of the manufacturer. The manufacturer’s reputation is a critical factor due to its direct correlation with product quality, reliability, and customer support. A reputable manufacturer is more likely to provide a well-engineered and durable air ride system that meets the specific needs of Harley touring bikes. Moreover, a trusted manufacturer will often have a proven track record of delivering high-quality products and excellent customer service, ensuring a more satisfying and stress-free experience for buyers. Ultimately, considering the reputation of the manufacturer can help ensure a successful and enjoyable air ride upgrade for Harley touring enthusiasts.

Ease Of Installation And Maintenance

One should consider the Ease of Installation and Maintenance factor when choosing air ride for Harley touring due to its impact on convenience and cost-effectiveness. Having an air ride system that is easy to install can save time and hassle during setup, ensuring a smoother transition to enjoying the ride. Additionally, a system that is easy to maintain can help reduce maintenance costs and downtime in the long run. By selecting an air ride system that is user-friendly in terms of both installation and maintenance, riders can enhance their overall experience and maximize the benefits of a customized suspension setup for their Harley touring bike.

Installation Tips For Harley Air Ride Systems

When it comes to installing air ride systems on your Harley touring bike, following the manufacturer’s instructions is key. Begin by ensuring you have all the necessary tools and equipment for the installation process. Pay close attention to details such as proper placement of components and secure mounting to prevent any issues down the road.

Prior to installation, make sure to thoroughly read the user manual provided with the air ride kit. This will guide you through the step-by-step process and help you avoid any common pitfalls. Proper alignment of the air shocks or struts is essential for optimal performance and longevity of the system.

During installation, take your time to double-check all connections and fittings to ensure they are tight and secure. Properly route any wiring or hoses to prevent interference with moving parts or excessive wear. It is also recommended to test the system after installation to verify that it is functioning correctly before hitting the road.

If you encounter any difficulties during the installation process, don’t hesitate to reach out to the manufacturer or seek professional assistance. Proper installation of your Harley air ride system will not only enhance your riding experience but also contribute to the overall safety and performance of your bike.

Maintenance And Care Recommendations For Air Ride Suspension

Maintaining your air ride suspension system is essential for optimal performance and longevity. Regularly check for any signs of leaks in the air lines, fittings, and shocks. Ensure all connections are secure and free of any wear or damage. Properly inflated air shocks are crucial for a smooth and comfortable ride, so regularly check and adjust air pressure according to manufacturer recommendations.

Clean the air compressor and air filter regularly to prevent dust and debris from entering the system. Proper filtration helps maintain the integrity of your air ride components. Lubricate moving parts of the suspension system as recommended by the manufacturer to prevent premature wear and ensure smooth operation. Regularly inspect the seals and rubber components for any signs of degradation or damage, as these are critical for airtight performance.

If you notice any unusual sounds, vibrations, or handling issues while riding, diagnose the problem promptly. Addressing any potential issues early can prevent more significant damage or failures down the road. Following these maintenance and care recommendations will help ensure your air ride suspension system performs optimally and provides a comfortable and stable riding experience on your Harley Touring bike.

Troubleshooting Common Issues With Harley Touring Air Ride Systems

In this section, we will explore common issues that may arise with Harley Touring air ride systems and provide troubleshooting tips to address these problems effectively.

One common issue riders may encounter is air leaks within the system, which can lead to inconsistent performance or complete failure of the air ride functionality. To troubleshoot this, thoroughly check all air lines, connections, and fittings for any signs of damage or wear. Tightening loose connections or replacing damaged components can often resolve air leak issues.

Another frequent issue to watch out for is a faulty compressor. If your air ride system is not inflating or maintaining pressure properly, the compressor could be the culprit. Check the compressor for any unusual sounds, overheating, or lack of functionality. Replacing a worn-out compressor can restore proper air ride functionality to your Harley Touring bike.

It’s also important to monitor the air ride system’s sensors and electronic components for any malfunctions. If you notice erratic behavior in the system or error codes on the controller, it could indicate a sensor issue. Cleaning or replacing faulty sensors and ensuring proper electrical connections can help resolve sensor-related problems and ensure smooth operation of the air ride system.

Regular maintenance, proper installation, and promptly addressing any issues that arise can help keep your Harley Touring air ride system in optimal condition, providing you with a comfortable and customized riding experience.


What Are The Advantages Of Installing An Air Ride System On A Harley Touring Motorcycle?

Installing an air ride system on a Harley Touring motorcycle offers several advantages. Firstly, it allows riders to adjust the suspension on-the-go, providing a more comfortable and customizable riding experience. This can be particularly beneficial for long rides or when carrying passengers or heavy loads. Additionally, an air ride system can improve the bike’s overall handling and performance, enhancing cornering ability and stability on various road conditions.

How Does An Air Ride System Improve The Overall Comfort And Handling Of A Harley Touring Bike?

An air ride system improves the overall comfort of a Harley Touring bike by allowing the rider to adjust the suspension to their preferences. With the ability to increase or decrease air pressure in the shocks, riders can customize the ride quality to suit their individual needs, providing a smoother and more comfortable experience, especially on long rides or rough roads. This adjustable feature also enhances the handling of the bike by improving stability, traction, and overall control, resulting in a safer and more enjoyable riding experience.

What Are The Key Features To Consider When Choosing The Best Air Ride For A Harley Touring Motorcycle?

When selecting the best air ride for a Harley Touring motorcycle, important features to consider include adjustable ride height to customize the bike’s stance and improve handling. Additionally, look for a system with quality shock absorbers that can provide a comfortable ride and enhance overall performance. It’s also crucial to choose a reliable brand known for durability and easy installation to ensure a smooth and safe riding experience.

Can An Air Ride System Be Easily Installed On A Harley Touring Bike, Or Is Professional Installation Recommended?

While it is possible to install an air ride system on a Harley Touring bike as a DIY project, professional installation is recommended for optimal results. The complexity of the system and the technical expertise required may be challenging for those without prior experience. Professional installation ensures that the system is properly integrated with the bike’s existing components and is calibrated correctly to provide a smooth and safe riding experience. Ultimately, it is worth considering the investment in professional installation to avoid any potential issues and to enjoy the benefits of an efficiently installed air ride system on your Harley Touring bike.

Are There Any Maintenance Tips Or Common Issues To Be Aware Of When Using An Air Ride System On A Harley Touring Motorcycle?

When using an air ride system on a Harley Touring motorcycle, regular maintenance is key to ensure optimal performance. It is important to periodically check for any leaks in the air lines or fittings, as well as monitoring air pressure levels to prevent any issues with the suspension. Additionally, keeping the system clean and free of debris will help prolong its lifespan.

Common issues to be aware of when using an air ride system on a Harley Touring motorcycle include potential air leaks, which can lead to a loss of pressure and affect the ride quality. It is also crucial to avoid over-inflating the system, as this can cause damage to the components. Regular inspections and maintenance will help address any issues promptly and ensure a smooth riding experience.


To maximize your riding comfort and elevate your Harley Touring experience, investing in the best air ride for Harley Touring is paramount. The freedom to customize your suspension settings on-the-go ensures a smooth, tailored ride that adapts to various road conditions and your personal preferences. With superior damping technology and adjustable air pressure, the best air ride for Harley Touring offers unmatched stability and responsiveness, transforming any journey into a seamless and enjoyable adventure. Elevate your riding experience today with the best air ride for Harley Touring.

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